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Real estate lawyer in Paris

Vincent CANU law office deals with real estate law, that is to say, renting law, co-ownership law, purchase law and construction law.

Real estate law is a legally recognized specialty that Vincent CANU obtained in 1994. He was admitted in Paris Bar in 1979, then in the Bar of Hauts de Seine for more than 20 years, and again in Paris Bar in July 2005.

He writes in major real estate law reviews (Revue des loyers, Administrer, DPGI); he is also a teacher of real estate law for young lawyers in Versailles law school.

Renting law is very complicated in France: there are mainly two law systems: one for family renting, and one for commercial renting; in a general way, the tenant is very well protected by law.

Family renting, or civil renting is based on the 6th July 1989 law; contracts have to be signed for 3 or 6 years; during that time, the price cannot be increased more than the construction indices. When the contract comes to its end, it is renewed unless the lessor wants to sold the house or flat, to live in, or if he has a justified and serious ground for not renewing it. If the tenant does not pay, it is possible to get a judgment in order for him to be expulsed, but it takes a very long time.

Commercial renting is based on art. L.145-1 to L.145-60 C.Com. Contracts are set up for at least 9 years, and when the contract come to its end, it is renewed for 9 years, unless the lessor pays the price of commerce, which is called the compensation of eviction. It is very important to fix a good price at the beginning of the contract, because, after that, it is very difficult to fix a higher price. It is also very important to read carefully every single article of the contract before signing it.

Co-ownership is the legal way the buildings are divided in flats between different owners.
For example, as far as it concerns important decisions about building works, they are decided in general assembly. There is one general assembly a year; its rule of running is the majority; usually, a professional is chosen by the general assembly to run the building; he is called the “syndic de copropriété”.

Purchase law is essentially ruled by the Code civil; it is necessary to ask a notary to draft the contract; each of the parties (seller and purchaser) can have his own notary.

Construction law is ruled by the Code de la construction. The major problems in that matter are insurance problems.

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